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LORDI – `Thing in the Cage´ Singledebüt im Lyricclip

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Hardrock „Spooktainment“ versprechen uns LORDI von ihrer neuen Digitalsingle `Thing in the Cage´. Das Lyricvideo wurde erneut von Mastermind Mr. Lordi himself erstellt. Zuvor hatten die finnischen Monster Metaller/Rocker bereits die Auskopplung `Luyfer Prime Evil´ samt Videoclip veröffentlicht. Die brandneue LORDI Scheibe „Screem Writers Guild“ kommt dann am 31. März auf den Markt.

Mr. Lordi höchstpersönlich erklärt:

„This song was inspired by the old side shows, or freak shows if you will. Musically, with a different arrangement, this could have been a disco song and I think it still is one in its core, just the production is in the hard rock vein. But the bass line definitely keeps the disco vibe vivid here. As for the lyric video, we´ve never shown too much of making our costumes and masks, so it´s a little peek behind the scenes… This video still doesn´t show that much, but at least it might work as a little teaser to reveal how we get to be this pretty.”

LORDI mit Sabaton und Babymetal auf „The Tour To End All Tours“ 2023! Die Termine findet Ihr hier.



Step right up
I am worth your ticket
Look at me
I’ll show you horrific

No one could tell that I’m just a broken thing
I am a wonder they come see
The rubes pay more for horror that I can bring
This freak show needs a geek like me

Everyone stares at the thing in the cage
Everyone stares as I shiver in rage
I am the sideshow attraction
My misery’s here for your satisfaction

Everyone stares at the thing in the cage
Standing applause as I enter the stage
They say I’m the spawn of the devil
I am unique and I’m god damn special

Yesterday ruined my tomorrow
All my scars tell of broken sorrow
Used to have fine cuisine and hefty payment
Now I eat rats to feed your entertainment

Titelfoto: Sven Bernhardt