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LORDI – `Dead Again Jayne´ Clip zur Albumveröffentlichung

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Zum heutigen Release ihrer neuen Scheibe „Screem Writers Guild“ teilen die finnischen Monster Hardrocker LORDI ein gewohnt spektakuläres, und von Meister Lordi höchstselbst erdachtes und umgesetztes Video zum Track `Dead Again Jayne´.



Up on the silver screen you looked so alive
I fell in love at first sight
You lost your head because of some other guy
But now I’m making you mine

I took a shovel and I went to your grave
You will re-animate
We had one night until the very next day
Death took you away

How did you end up dead again
Bringing you back is all in vain
You keep on ending up dead again
Dead again

Necromancing her for morning toast
By lunchtime she is gone
Post mortem when she wakes I like the most
But she’s ice cold by dawn
She don’t like it when I make her mine
That may be why she dies
Resurrected for the twentieth time
Patched her up real fine
Your death I will reverse
Your ex won’t lift the curse