You are currently viewing LION’S SHARE – `Throne Of Steel` Singlepremiere im Lyricclip

LION’S SHARE – `Throne Of Steel` Singlepremiere im Lyricclip

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Die schwedische Heavy Metal Band LION`S SHARE hat den neuen Song `Throne Of Steel´ aufgenommen und ein Lyricvideo dazu veröffentlicht. Seit dem Output einer EP und des kompletten Backkatalogs Ende 2018 präsentiert die Band in unregelmäßigen Abständen digitale Singles, von denen einige auf dem nächsten Longplayer stehen werden, andere nicht.

Sänger Nils Patrik Johansson kommentiert den Song:

„This is a real favorite of mine. Pure metal from start to finish. In my book it’s our best song since ‚We Are What We Are‘. Lyric wise it’s also pretty interesting since it’s about the fact that everything seems to be a quest for power. To be on top of the throne. With that said we’d better add that the lyrics were written before Russia invaded Ukraine.“

Und Gitarrist Lars Chriss fügt hinzu:

„I’ve always been a fan of lead guitar players like George Lynch and Randy Rhoads who play a little bit ”outside of the box” with some unexpected notes. I wanted to experiment a little bit myself and came up with a pretty ”crazy” solo, which I still think fit the song.“

Und weiter: „We are aware our fans want a new album and the plan was to release one in 2020, but we all know what happened then. We had just started playing live again with a couple of headline shows in Germany in March and were gearing up towards a new album and tour. Since we think it’s very important to tour behind a new album, we just have to wait until things go back to “normal” again“. Until then, we plan to release a new single every 2-3 months and keep building our fan base.“