You are currently viewing LETHAL FRIGHT (ft. Blaze Bayley, Derek Sherinian) – ‚Low Frequencies‘ Clip

LETHAL FRIGHT (ft. Blaze Bayley, Derek Sherinian) – ‚Low Frequencies‘ Clip

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LETHAL FRIGHT ist ein progressiv angehauchtes Hardrockprojekt des Sängers und Gitarristen Douglas Arruda gemeinsam mit Nunes Italiano an den Gitarren. Single und Video zum neuen Track ‚Low Frequencies‘ beinhalten Gastauftritte von Blaze Bayley (Solo, Wolfsbane, ex-Iron Maiden), Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo, ex-Dream Theater) und Jonas Schütz (Sacrosanct, Sapiency). Die neue Scheibe trägt den rätselhaften Titel “LF-MMXX” und soll Mitte des Jahres erscheinen.

Douglas Arruda über den neuen Song:

“This song has very heavy riffs, we recorded it with a 7-string guitar and with a lower tuning. It’s a very direct, intense song. We were focused on delivering the message of the lyrics musically. “It is inspired by all the events and social transformations that have taken place since the beginning of the pandemic. This, at first, brings more reflective approaches, however we catalyzed in a way go give more energy and impact through the songs, one step forward from the previous album. Still brings positivity, so it is a good mix. The vigor of the new songs are a differential, so far it’s working very well”.

Und zu Blaze Bayley und seine Vorliebe für Iron Maiden’s “The X-Factor“:

“Yes, that’s true. Anyone who knows me, knows this. It was shocking for a lot of people at the time, because of the change. I really enjoyed that kind of vocals and the proposal as a whole. I think that Iron Maiden wanted to change at that time, but somehow they were not fully committed. Anyways, I think it could have worked very well. I felt Blaze as a more ‘natural’ voice, offering some reinterpretation. I really liked that idea, wanted to sing along because it felt more attainable, more real. Songs like Heaven Can Wait, 2 Minutes to Midnight and Afraid to Shoot Strangers were very good in his voice. By the way, I’m a solo fan of his solo career too. When Iron Maiden came to Brazil with Blaze Bayley back in ’96, I must have been between 14 to 15 years old back then. I listened to “Man on the Edge” singing along and even imagined myself singing with Blaze. Today, at the age of 40, this is being materialized. Just amazing! I saw Blaze live for a few times, and in one opportunity at Manifesto in Sao Paulo, I remember sitting next to him but didn’t say a word. I saw him in person, so for me with that moment I was satisfied. I didn’t really expect that I would do what I’m doing Today, sharing vocals with him. I can say, I am very satisfied with this great opportunity, it is the realization of a dream that one day I thought it was too far away.”