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LAURENNE/LOUHIMO – ‘Bitch Fire’ kündigt Debütalbum “The Reckoning“ an

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Ein spannendes, neues Projekt bieten die beiden finnischen Sängerinnen Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) und Netta Laurenne (Smackbound) unter dem Banner LAURENNE/LOUHIMO an. ‘Bitch Fire‘ präsentiert klassischen, melodischen Metal, zwei starke Stimmen und ein Gast-Solo von Samy Elbanna (Lost Society). Die erste Studioscheibe “The Reckoning“ wird am 09. Juli folgen.

Netta Laurenne äußert sich wie folgt:

With this album, I wanted to capture the essence of classic heavy metal and hard rock and combine it with great melodies and lyrics that have value. It was clear from the beginning, having two strong voices on the album, that this album was going to be full of power, energy, attitude and emotion. I envisioned it lovingly kicking everyones ass, my own included, and I think it does just that. Its pushing us to do better and evolve, yet having great empathy towards the struggles we all face as humans.”

Und Noora Louhimo ergänzt:

My inspiration was definitely the thought of empowering and the songs giving a feeling of strength and sensitivity. And us interpreting the songs from our hearts and souls with full force, leaving no question about how passionate we are as vocalists and artists.“


„The Reckoning“ Tracklist:
1. Time To Kill The Night
2. The Reckoning
3. Tongue Of Dirt
4. Striking Like A Thunder
5. Bitch Fire
6. Hurricane Love
7. To The Wall
8. Viper’s Kiss
9. Walk Through Fire
10. Dancers Of Truth