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LAMORI – Gothic Rocker mit `The Eye of The Storm`

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Finnlands LAMORI mischen ihre Musik aus den bekannten Goth, Metal, Dark Wave und gelegentlich Electronic Elementen zusammen. Das neueste Ergebnis, `The Eye of The Storm` , vom kommenden Lomngplayer “Neon Blood Fire“ könnt ihr jetzt hier streamen.

Die Band schreibt dazu:

”The song is all about deceptiveness, that nothing really is as it seems. It begins with the cover art, a masterful artwork titled „False Dawn“ by Julian Faylona of ElementJ21 Design. The lyrics have a very apocalyptic atmosphere, telling of desperate souls filled with disillusionment and frustration, and their descent into darkness to pursue radical change. We are in the midst of the minds that are caught up in the momentum, who have lost all critical reflection and are blindly following ideologies without question.“