You are currently viewing LAMB OF GOD – Neues Livevideo von ‚Resurrection Man (Live)‘ online

LAMB OF GOD – Neues Livevideo von ‚Resurrection Man (Live)‘ online

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Der ‘Resurrection Man (Live)” Clip begleitet die Veröffentlichung der “Lamb Of God – Live In Richmond, VA“ Scheibe, die letzte Woche erschien.

Mark Morton sagt über den Track:„‚Resurrection Man‘ has been a fun song to watch the fan reaction to and a fun one to play live for the first time. We wrote the music for that song quickly and spontaneously in pretty much an afternoon in our jam room. Willie freestyled the opening riff and we built from there. Sometimes it’s cool to just let stuff flow without overthinking things to death. I feel like ‚Resurrection Man‘ is a great example of that.“