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LA FIN – Zeigen sich als Hundefreunde: ‘Hypersleep‘ Video

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Der Italienische „Extreme Post-Metal Act“ mischt in seine Core-Sounds noch progressive, Hardcore und sogar einige Black Metal Elemente. Letzten Oktober erschien ihr Album „The Endless Inertia“, von dem ‘Hypersleep‘ stammt. Offenbar sind die Jungs Tierfreunde, denn in dem Song Hypersleep, zu dem es jetzt ein Video gibt, geht es textlich um den Missbrauch von Hunden bzw. darum solche Tiere aufzunehmen.

“Hypersleep is a song about awakening, a path of recovery from oblivion towards self-awareness. This topic comes out from our experience as first-hand witnesses, seeing how often we all are imposed to a never-ending availability in our always connected modern society. The bitter truth about this hypersleep condition most people live in, is that meanwhile their time passes by, stolen right from under their noses not ever to be returned. This mindset can and must be acknowledged, though, so that the awakening can begin.”

“We decided to represent the beginning of this awakening journey with a lone man dressed in rags, tied and blindfolded roaming in a static and lifeless scenario. The greyhound dog representing his consciousness awakens him as a spirit animal and shows the way, pulling him towards a new stage of awareness” explains the band about the brainstorming, adding also “we immediately agreed that a greyhound was the best choice. This breed has accompanied us since the dawn of civilization and yet is one of the most abused animals by man, offering a parallelism with the condition of human self-enslavement depicted in our video. We also felt that talking about this video would have easily drawn the attention on a topic we all hold dear, the adoption of abused dogs.”