You are currently viewing KVAEN feat. JEFF LOOMIS  – ‘The Great Below’ Clip

KVAEN feat. JEFF LOOMIS – ‘The Great Below’ Clip

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Vor zwei Jahren erschien “The Funeral Pyre“ des schwedischen Black, Pagan, Speed Metal Projekts KVAEN. Jetzt stellt Mastermind Jacob Björnfot, zusammen mit Drummer Tommi Tuhkala, den Zweitling “ The Great Below“ für den 25. März in Aussicht. Für den Titeltrack hat er sich die Unterstützung von Arch Enemy Gitarrist JEFF LOOMIS gesichert.

Jacob Björnfot:

„The Great Below is a violent mix of teutonic thrash, melodic black metal and chaotic speed metal and was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I had the chorus written in my head, the melody was so catchy and when I sang the guitar line it all made perfect sense. The solo performed by Jeff Loomis gave the song a new life! Thank you, Jeff!“





  1. Cauldron Of Plagues
  2. The Great Below
  3. In Silence
  4. Damnations Jaw
  5. Sulphur Fire
  6. Ensamvarg
  7. Your Mighty Has Fallen
  8. The Fire Within Him Burn