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KUARANTINE & BRUCE KULICK covern KISS „Heart of Chrome

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KUARANTINE, mit FOZZY Frontman und multi-Talent (sprich kanadischer Wrestler, Schauspieler, Autor, Radiomoderator und Showmaster) Chris Jericho haben nach ‚No No No‘ eine weiteres KISS Cover von ‘Heart Of Chrome’ veröffentlicht. Das KUARANTINE Line-Up besteht aus KISS Gitarrist Bruce Kulick als Special Guest, Jericho (Vocals), Drummer Kent Slucher (LUKE BRYAN), Gitarrist Joe McGinness (KLASSIK ’78) und Bassist PJ Farley von TRIXTER.

„All of us in KUARANTINE were pleasantly surprised and stoked to hear the HUGE reaction to our first single ‚No No No‘,“ shares Jericho. „So, what can a band that specializes in non-make up ’80s KISS songs do to top that reaction with their second single? How about tap the guitar player from that era to join the band? That’s exactly what we did when we asked former KISS axeman Bruce Kulick to join us on ‚Heart Of Chrome’…and he CRUSHED IT! See kids, there’s always a positive in every negative: only in a pandemic can you form a KISS cover band with the ex-guitar player from KISS!“
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