You are currently viewing Klassischer Doom von LUCID GRAVE – `Cosmic Mountain `

Klassischer Doom von LUCID GRAVE – `Cosmic Mountain `

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LUCID GRAVE sind tief im Doom der 70er verwurzelt und das hört man auch.  Aber bevor die Dänen ihr Debütalbum “Cosmic Mountain“ am 15. Juli herausbringen, streamen sie zur Einstimmung erst einmal den Titeltrack.

Die Band erklärt dazu:

“‘Cosmic Mountain’ is Lucid Grave’s heaviest number to date. A doomy and psychedelic song with tense, brooding, and haunting vocals. It has an intense and fragile mood in the build-up that is accentuated by a low and eerie bass. Then a clap of thunder strikes as the drums enter, and the guitars get louder as we travel deeper and deeper into the cosmic mountain. The song describes the beauty of the fragile and scary things we must go through to get to know ourselves. And in this instance, the green goddess of psychedelic drugs is helping you on your journey. You must let go of everything!”