You are currently viewing KK’s PRIEST – `Keeper Of The Graves´ Video zum Tourstart

KK’s PRIEST – `Keeper Of The Graves´ Video zum Tourstart

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Anlässlich des morgigen US Tour Kickoff veröffentlichen KK’s PRIEST ein düster-unheimliches, animiertes Video zum „The Sinner Rides Again“ Track `Keeper Of The Graves´ Bei uns könnt Ihr die Band um den ehemaligen Judas-Priest-Gitarristen K. K. Downing und Sänger Tim „Ripper“ Owens dann im Mai: KK´s PRIEST – LIVE 2024.

K.K. Downing äußert sich wie folgt:

„The Keeper of The Graves is the defender, the sentinel and the protector of all of the dead. This ageless being, throughout many centuries, has fought many battles with marauders that seek to prey on the souls of the buried and entombed. But alas, it would be inevitable that one day the kiss of Judas would land on his lips and the cold steel of the evil ones would thrust forward and penetrate the heart drawing the blood of death. As the moon turns red, no one will be saved. Who will avenge the Keeper of The Graves?“


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