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KILLING JOKEs Jaz Coleman BLACK & RED – Videoclip

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‚On the Day the Earth Went Mad‘ ist ein eher experimenteller Song, den KILLING JOKEs Aushängeschild Jaz Coleman zusammen mit  dem Didgeridoo Künstler Ondrej Smeykal aufgenommen hat.

Der Ausnahmekünstler Coleman erklärt dazu:

“The Black and Red project was born in Australia in 2010 when I set out to find the greatest virtuoso of the didgeridoo only to find the maestro of the instrument resided in Prague where I lived. Upon my return to the Czech Republic, I was introduced to Ondrej Smeykal. We ended up not just developing an ancient instrument but recording the Black and Red project (adding only Indian Harmonium) and an explosive duo was formed which could recreate the recording live perfectly. The funny thing is Black and Red only made sense after lockdown”


‘On The Day The Earth Went Mad’ wird als „Limited Edition“ also nummeriert und in rotem Vinyl10Inch Version, als Digital Single und in einer sehr geringen Anzahl als “White Label” Testpressung veröffentlicht.




Mass volcanoes blocking out the sunlight
Frightened citizens giving up their civil rights
Chemical death dumps, geo engineering
Deforestation ecocide is nearing

On the day the Earth went mad

Criminal gangs resort to mutilations
Cults of death emerge in every nation
Lynch mobs blind to all humanity
Signs read in the entrails of our savagery

Hurricanes and tidal waves
Mutinies and mobs on the rampage
Activists and angry demonstrations
Neutralising all communications

On the day the Earth went mad

Crisis capitalists now our hidden masters
By stealth engineer disasters
Redirect the gulf stream flow
Blossoms in winter
And a summer snow

On the day the Earth went mad

Holograms in the ionosphere
Keep the public in a state of fear
Microchipped zombies on the street
Numbed by Gwen Towers (by the elite)
Scientists searching for a black hole
Reflections of the human soul

(it was)

On the day the Earth went mad


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