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KHNVM – Deather präsentieren ‚Portals to Oblivion‘ Visualizer

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Die in Deutschland und Bangladesh beheimatete Death Metal Unit KHNVM, deren Namen man „Kha-noom“ ausspricht, präsentiert den Titelsong ihres für den 17. Dezember geplanten neuen Silberlings ‚Portals to Oblivion‘ im Visualizer. Ende Oktober waren bereits Track und Video zu ‘Heretic Ascension’ präsentiert worden.


Photo Credit: Mina Wallace Photography


Ages has passed

I float upon the blackest of the black

Looking for the portal, the gateway to my end

I am not alone I see all of us for the same cause

But in different paths, disobeying, torture the proclaimed scripts


I want to consume the mortified layer beneath the (blood red) ocean

My arms will crawl through the esophagus and rip apart


Defiling the human form the deities of thousand ash

conjurer of the wicked mind, immolate the divinity

I see rust on their armor, (i see rust on their) swords of steel

The cavernous instinct of total destruction

Erupts (and wills to) desecrate the unholy trinity


I am the soul who denies truth

Fueled with hate

Putrid forms of mortal path (creates) celestial realms

One who created emptiness and void

Nullifies truth since the time forgotten

We are not what we think

Beneath all (flesh) remains, evil and madness!


Victorious I create my own bone church

The altars tremble, earth rumbles

The portals to oblivion are perforating

The fissure marks the sky as it turns to Styx