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KADAVERFICKER – Albumankündigung mit `Of The Sun And The Wind` Video

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Death und Black Metal, Punk, Grindcore und Sludge. Das alles findet sich seit drei Jahrzehnten im Sound von KADAVERFICKER, die zu ihrem Jubiläum, am 29. September ihr übervolles AlbumSuperkiller (A Musical Journey Between Life And Death)“ in diversen Varianten veröffentlichen.

Zum ersten neuen Song, `Of The Sun And The Wind`,  ist heute ein Video online gegangen.

Über die neue Single sagt die Band:

„Lyrically, the song deals with loss, the fear of loss and failed relationships, and the resulting psychological problems. No matter how much you fight against it, the inner demons always catch up with you and cause an oppressive atmosphere in your self. The inspiration for this results from own experiences… who would have thought it.“



Trackliste – „Superkiller (A Musical Journey Between Life And Death)“:

Chapter I: Life

  1. Counterfeit
  2. The Last Mask
  3. Of The Sun And The Wind
  4. Unethical Machines
  5. All The Corpses Dance
  6. Hot For A Dead Planet


Chapter II: Death

  1. Perennial Death
  2. Darkness Drips From Her Like Honey
  3. Waves Of Demise
  4. Final Show
  5. Lost In The Light


Chapter III: Suffer

  1. Death On Demand
  2. Hail The Promiscuous Dead
  3. 18 And Death
  4. Not So Bad, But Bad
  5. Pale Shadows


Chapter IV: Recover

  1. The Fan And The Bellows
  2. New Corpse
  3. Bad Taste
  4. Krom
  5. Psycho Killer