You are currently viewing JUNGLE ROT – `Genocidal Imperium` Video vom neuen Album

JUNGLE ROT – `Genocidal Imperium` Video vom neuen Album

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JUNGLE ROTs “A Call to Arms“ wurde Freitag veröffentlicht und heute folgt ein blutiges „Ritual-Video“ zum Track `Genocidal Imperium` der seit 1994 aktiven Death Metaller aus Wisconsin.



The walls are closing in on us

We walk a dreadful road of doubt

Domestic fear on high alert

Devoid of all rational thought


Autonomy in chains

Enslavement to the system

Civilian casualties

Malicious persecution


Accept assimilation

Every move you make is watched

Hid behind the guise of freedom

Genocidal imperium


Forces converge to dominate

How much are we supposed to take?

Do you succumb and accept defeat?

Resign control to the power elite


Suffer the hate campaign

Detained without a reason

Absolute power seized

Endless wanton destruction


Indigents cursed to bondage

Systematic subjugation

Just a taste of what’s to come

Genocidal imperium