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JORN – `Over The Horizon Radar` Clip online

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Der norwegische Sänger JORN LANDE hat  nach `One Man War´ bereits die nächste Single ausgekoppelt. Den Titeltrack des neuen Albums “Over The Horizon Radar“, gibt es jetzt zunächst als Video, bevor die Scheibe am 17. Juni erscheint.



I’m on the run

This ain’t no paradise

It’s in my mind

The way we live a lie

I’m coming black

My heart is in the burn

I’m losing flare

But I’m still in the air

Busting clouds

My vision going far

Beyond the game

I found a better play

Dreaming wide

I sweep the earth and sky

Consuming time

Observing with my over the horizon radar


My over the horizon radar scanning

Hovering above I’m planning

My over the horizon radar tracking


I see the roads

Leading straight to hell

I map the bad ones

And ring the warning bell

Darkest cold mare

Spreading everywhere

The weight on our souls

Heavy with despair

But I’m still yearning

My faith returning

Like a ghost in my flight machine

This apparatus cuts through the stratus

Still trying to decipher with my over the horizon radar


My over the horizon radar sending

Waves into the never-ending

My over the horizon radar pending


Over the horizon

My over the horizon radar calling you


Once I lived in a shallow abyss

Demon sonar in my eyes

Just a hunter for the profit

I was a Joker in disguise

And there I swam in a sea of blindness

But deep inside I knew so well

Had to break out from the malice

Lift me from my prison cell to cover the horizon

Over the horizon radar

My over the horizon radar searching

Speeding from the past I’m changing

Soaring on the wings of love – I’m sending


When life seems bitter blue

And the darkness calls on you

Let the light come shining through

Accelerate your held down ship to hover the horizon

Under you the sky unfolding

Cover the horizon

Dreams are made to seal the pain and fly… yeah

It’s the will to survive and we’ll keep on designing

So keep on climbing over the horizon… discover the horizon… ooh


Titelfoto: Kevin Nixon