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JINJER – `Call Me A Symbol` Videopremiere mit Message

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Vom neuen JINJER Album “Wallflower“ stammt der Track `Call Me A Symbol`, zu dem heute ein Video veröffentlicht wird. Noch dazu haben die ukrainischen Groove Metaller vom Ministerium für Kultur die Aufgabe übertragen bekommen, international Aufmerksamkeit für den russischen Krieg gegen ihr Land und entsprechende Unterstützung zu organisieren.

JINJER Bassist Eugene erklärt:
“We are very honored to announce that together with the help of the Ukrainian Ministry Of Culture, we have successfully been granted permission to travel abroad as ambassadors of our country to raise funds and awareness about the war raging back home. This is a huge honor for us as a band and as citizens. We will do our part to make sure that this war stops as soon as possible! Come support, dance and scream your hearts out for Ukraine!”
und fügt hinzu:
“I think this video for ‘Call Me A Symbol’ will forever hold a special and unique place in our hearts as a band. Filmed on our short but awesome European Tour in 2021 tour that almost did not happen because of the pandemic, and now released at such a dark time in which our country has been invaded and there is war on the streets of our home. I really hope this video and this important time in history gives people a new perspective that there are always two sides to everything. Good and Evil, Just and unjust – cherish the good times and face the bad head on… but never ever give up.”