You are currently viewing IRON ALLIES – Herman Frank & David Reece teilen `Blood In Blood Out` Video

IRON ALLIES – Herman Frank & David Reece teilen `Blood In Blood Out` Video

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Die ehemaligen Accept Mitglieder, Gitarrist Herman Frank und Kurzzeitsänger David Reece haben mit IRON ALLIES ein neues Heavy Metal Baby aus der Taufe gehoben, dessen erstes Album „Blood In Blood Out“ am 21. Oktober  erscheinen wird. Nach dem ersten Lebenszeichen `Full Of Surprises‘ veröffentlichen die beiden heute den Titeltrack als vollwertiges Musikvideo.

Reece erzählt über den Song:

„Blood In Blood out is about the commitment to rocknroll, it’s in all of our DNA once bitten your hooked. Herman wrote the crushing riff and the lyrics say it all about each and everyone of us.“




Inside the belly of the beast

Anarchy behind the wall

Without a choice out on the streets

Inside the shots they will be called

Generation’s of forgotten souls

Calling of the wild


Mother Mary never held you to her bosom

Love denied a refugee


Blood in blood out

Now you’ve taken the vow hey

Rules of survival gets to tell the story

Blood in blood out

Cause it’s bigger than thou hey

Before you take a name just remember

That time it ain’t free


After you strike he will recoil

Because the mighty never fall

Prey on the weakness of the meek

Thirst of the souls will drink the oil

Regulations while you make your bones

Never reconciled


Now you’ve had a taste the fruit of the venom

Paid the debt of victory

Blood in blood out

Wipe the sweat off your brow hey

Respect of your rivals while you basque in glory

Blood in blood out

In the here and the now hey

While you play the game a contender

You stay in the ring


Blood in blood out