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INSOMNIUM – Premiere für ‘The Reticent’

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Das längst etablierte finnische Melodic Death Metal Outfit INSOMNIUM kommt aus der Pandemiepause zurück und begeht heute die Premiere ihrer Single ‘The Reticent‘, dessen Video erneut vom renommierten Videographen Vesa Ranta gedreht wurde.

Ville Friman erklärt:

„The past year has been a difficult one. People have lost their loved ones, jobs and livelihoods. Hope has been replaced by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We have all been forced to live our lives in isolation, detached both physically and mentally. This song is about all those feelings. An inner dialogue of hope and hopelessness. During this time, music has been a source of comfort and solace. Something to rely on and return to. And while we have become withdrawn and reticent, our music tolls now ever stronger.“