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INGLORIOUS – ‚I Don’t Need Your Loving‘ Video zum Livealbum

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“This album is a real true representation of what this band is now. After 18 months of doing no shows, I believe you can hear just how excited we are to finally be playing live again. It’s also the first time we have played many of these songs. The team involved were amazing and the whole process took very little time to mix. It’s a proper live rock album and I truly believe the visuals on the DVD really have captured the energy of Inglorious. I am so proud of this album and it’s really cool for people who haven’t yet seen us live to hear these guys playing the songs that have been around long before they joined the band. It’s musically tight, loud, and the tracklist features songs from all five of our albums so far…”

So kommentiert INGLORIOUS-Frontmann Nathan James die allererste Livescheibe „MMXXI Live At The Phoenix“ in der Geschichte der Band, die am 08. April erscheinen wird. Die Show wurde im September 2021 im „Exeter Phoenix“ in Exeter, UK, aufgezeichnet und als Kostprobe gibt es den Song ‚I Don’t Need Your Loving‘, Opener der Scheibe „II“ (2017), im Livevideo.