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INFERNALIZER – ’In This World or The Next’

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Disarmonia Mundis Claudio Ravinale hat ein neues Projekt: INFERNALIZER. Nach der ersten Singleauskopplung ‘Leaving So Soon?‘ kommt jetzt ’In This World or The Next’ vom Debütalbum „The Ugly Truth“, welches im Februar erscheinen soll. Musikalisch tendiert das Material eher in Richtung Gothic Metal.



„‚The Ugly Truth‘ is a roller coaster ride in my own horror-themed amusement park. For this project I wanted to focus more on myself, on the instincts that define me as a person, particularly on the darker sides of my personality. Not in an extremely serious or cathartic way, it’s more about acknowledging the beast that lives inside us all and have a good time with it, because honestly being the bad guy sometimes is quite a funny and entertaining experience…“