You are currently viewing INFECTED RAIN – `Vivarium` Videopremiere zum kommenden ”Time” Album

INFECTED RAIN – `Vivarium` Videopremiere zum kommenden ”Time” Album

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Lena Scissorhands und ihre Modern Metal Crew INFECTED RAIN stellen soeben ihren neuen Song `Vivarium` vor. Der neue Track kommt vom anstehenden sechsten Langeisen ”Time”.

Die Band meint:

„VIVARIUM is about feeling trapped in a world we’ve built ourselves.

A perfect world full of illusion, gimmicks and fake promises, like a beautiful but restricting glass garden.

It’s about overcoming these barriers, and seeing through the thick air and tall walls.

This song is for everyone trying to break free from their own limits and create their own path.“




Nights are so long

Days are so dark

Lost and scared in the park

We hide our pain screaming for help

But do we really care

Need to break free

Need to rise

We need to find the light its not to late

We can still survive we can beat it and Come out alive


You know you living in a lie

Stop running away

Do you wanna die?


Angels calling

We are falling but we wanna stay


They have there rights to take us away


Lost in a world

Lost in a life

Cuts us like a knife

The devil wants to play he wants us go insane

But do we really care?