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INFECTED RAIN – Vierte Single ‚Longing‘ zur Album-VÖ

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Pünktlich zur Veröffentlichung der neuen Scheibe „Ecdysis“ am vergangenen Freitag haut die moldauische Progressive Modern Metal Unit INFECTED RAIN als vierte Auskopplung den sehr vielseitigen Song ‚Longing‘ raus.

Frontfrau Lena Scissorhands über den Song:

„Never happy, never content! We spend our lives craving and longing for things that someone else has or for things that we think will make us happy. ‚A picture immaculate, perfectly designed. A story in which you’re always desired.‘ What is happiness really?“

Und über „Ecdysis“:

„While the whole world was in a deep depression, Ecdysis was slowly but surely maturing. The time in isolation away from all our plans and goals, away from loved ones and the stage, brought out something so new and different in us. A new chapter starts with this album, a chapter of raw emotions and complete commitment.“