You are currently viewing INFECTED RAIN ft. Heidi Sheperd (Butcher Babies) – Neue Single ‚The Realm Of Chaos‘

INFECTED RAIN ft. Heidi Sheperd (Butcher Babies) – Neue Single ‚The Realm Of Chaos‘

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‚The Realm Of Chaos‘ steht auf INFECTED RAINs kommender Langrille „Ecdysis“, die am 7. Januar 2022 erscheint. Die gemeinsame Single mit Butcher Babies Lady Heidi Shepherd gibt´s unten im Videoclip.

Frontfrau Lena Scissorhands über den Track:

„The Realm of Chaos was inspired by the massive depression we all lived in 2020. Dedicated to the lost nation and confused society we live in. Together with my friend Heidi From Butcher Babies we are imploring everyone to stop running and start seeing the tragic reality we all live in.“

Und zum Album:

„While the whole world was in a deep depression, Ecdysis was slowly but surely maturing. The time in isolation away from all our plans and goals, away from loved ones and the stage, brought out something so new and different in us. A new chapter starts with this album, a chapter of raw emotions and complete commitment.“     

Gast Heidi Shepherd fügt hinzu:

„INFECTED RAIN have quickly become one of my favorite bands with some of my favorite people. It’s an honor to scream alongside Lena and the boys in their latest single. Everything IR touches turns to gold; this song and video are no exception. Over the past two years, this has been the feature that has been requested more times that I can count. Can’t wait to give the fans what they want in ‚The Realm of Chaos‘!“