You are currently viewing Industrial-lastiger und tanzbarer Post-Synthwave Rock: GOST – ‘Coven‘

Industrial-lastiger und tanzbarer Post-Synthwave Rock: GOST – ‘Coven‘

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Century Media haben mit GOST offenbar neues und ungewohntes Terrain betreten, denn metallisch ist GOSTs  Videosingle ‘Coven‘ nicht gerade. Stattdessen  herrscht dominanter Rhythmus Industrial-lastiger und tanzbarer Post-Synthwave Rock, in dem man sowohl 80er Einflüsse als euch Bands wie NIN heraushören kann. Für August ist das neue Album “Rites of Love and Reverence” in der Pipeline.

GOST über den Song und das selbst produzierte Video:

“‘Coven’ is a piece which seemed to write itself, flowing almost effortlessly from some unexplainable source.  This song is told from the perspective of a persecuted witch who is proud of her coven and will die before she betrays her sisters. In memory of the many victims throughout history, by which mere accusations of witchcraft condemned the innocent to death.”



Our congregation sings a song, devotion true

Words written tirelessly, righteous prose and tune

Hail praise forever

Hail praise for you

Eyes like the diamond glisten, tears ancient and true


They’ll taste your course incision, just to make them feel

Her sweat and blood, conviction, terrifies for real

This trust, our lust, the pain makes it real

At what cost, for what’s lost, our bloody pact is sealed


Gather the ritual materials, swallow

This grail of blood drawn from the veins of old, hollow

They’ll pray forever, they’ll pray for you

Relinquish mindfulness, we give ourselves to you


Vulgaris, precantatrix

Veil of darkness pressed with a kiss

Vulgaris, precantatrix

Veil of darkness lift exponentia

Liber AL vel Legis