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INDIGO RAVEN – Gothic Doomer mit dramatischer ‘Into Dust’ Version

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Das aus Toulouse stammende Duo, bewegt sich mit ihrer Musik irgendwo zwischen Doom Metal und klassich dramatischen dark Goth Sounds, bei denen Sängerin Julie Docteur mit ihrer Stimme mächtig auftrumpft. Dieses Jahr wird der erste vollständige Longplayer erwartet. Zur Feier des Vertragsabschlusses gibt es jetzt das Mazzy Star Cover ‘Into Dust’.

„Maybe just because it is a beautiful song, a haunting one, a discreet classic, in which words can be understood and felt, in a very personal and intimate way. It is talking for sure about love and death, never overrated poetic themes, universal ones that everyone can understand in his way. The perfect balance of this song gives enough space to make you dream along with enough emotion to arouse inner melancholy.

Our choice of approach is darker and heavier than the original version, but we respectfully gave it a different shade. Moreover, it was an interesting exercise to work on something really different from its original music genre.“