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IN APHELION – Legen `Sorrow, Fire & Hate` Video nach

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Der niederländisch, schwedische Black/Death Metal Haufen IN APHELION hat im März sein Album “Moribund“ herausgebracht und legt jetzt noch ein Video zu `Sorrow, Fire & Hate` nach.

Die Band erklärt dazu:

„The video for ‚Sorrow, Fire & Hate‘ celebrates the manifestation of In Aphelion as a live act – the metamorphosis of a band as recording artists reborn and united with the audience, just like the lyrics of the song are about crossing the rivers of the underworld to wander into the unknown and unite with eternity. The video was filmed by our close friends in the Swedish black metal scene – by the ones that have kept the scene alive during decades, the ones immune against trends. What was captured at our debut gig could never be made with script and professional equipment. The purity of the raw footage was just right for this video.“

Wer mag, kann sich auch das komplette “Moribund“ Album hier anhören.