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IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT – Stellen Rush Cover `Jacob’s Ladder` vor

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Nach dem Radiohead Cover `Paranoid Android` und dem Dizzy Gillespie Song `A Night in Tunisia´ folgt heute die nächste unerwartete Coverattacke der experimentierfreudigen New Yorker Truppe IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT. `Jacob’s Ladder` von Rush in einer Black Metal Version zu hören ist zumindest mal ungewöhnlich.

Die Band schreibt dazu:

„Ascension towards a higher place through twelve ancient steps of Jacob’s Ladder. Rush’s influence is undoubtedly far and wide in so much heavy music, and although we consider our music quite different from theirs, a strong thread holds it all together. As big fans of their giant body of work, we wanted to include a song in our cover series to pay tribute to this great unique band. We also wanted the cover image to reflect the legendary „Permanent Waves“ artwork.“




Photo Credit: Shawn Media