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IMMOLATION – ‘The Age of No Light’ Premiere als Video

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Die brutalo Old School Death Metaller aus New York, IMMOLATION liefern, nach ’Apostle‘ die nächste Single ab und verkürzen damit die Wartezeit auf die “Acts Of God“ Langrille, die am 18. Februar erscheinen soll und die jahrelange Warteizeit auf Album Nummer elf beendet.


Chaos breaks the silent air
A deadly threat upon us
Let fly your pernicious barbs
Initiate the bloodshed

This insane crusade
Tragedy of doomed faith
To violence we are slaves

Usurpers of this sacred realm
Shake the earth beneath us
Archangels stab with spears of hate
Our fragile world held hostage

Our foundation is frayed
Populace in disgrace
So blind to its disease

The dark you cast spreads slow and deep
Like God empowered kings at your feet

A furious maelstrom of fire and destruction will reign
Take us back to the age of no light once again

The death you bring runs far and wide
A God possessed, a world destroyed