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ICARUS WITCH – Trad Metaller präsentieren `Rise Of The Witches´ Videosingle

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Das seit 20 Jahren aktive US Heavy Metal Quartett ICARUS WITCH präsentiert mit `Rise Of The Witches´ die zweite Single samt Video vom kommenden Album „No Devil Lived On“. Die Veröffentlichung der Scheibe zog sich offenbar ein wenig, denn die erste Single `10,000 Light Years From Home´ war bereits im vergangenen Dezember herausgekommen. Der Release ist nun aber auf den 27. Oktober terminiert.

Bandgründer Jason Myers erklärt:

 “Many of the Witches in my circle are gifted artists, teachers, healers, herbalists, environmentalists, and compassionate activists – a far cry from the stereotypical villains the media often portrays us as. Yet despite enjoying more legal protection now than previous generations did, today’s pagans are still misunderstood and often suffer from dangerous systematic discrimination. As a genre, underground metal has long been about empowering marginalized people to stand together against hypocrites and bullies. ‘Rise of the Witches’ is a metallic battle cry for modern occultists that emphatically declares to close-minded zealots – You’re done here, never again.” 

Gitarrist und Co-Songwriter Quinn Lukas beleuchtet die musikalische Seite des Tracks:

“The riffs for ‘Rise of the Witches” came effortlessly. The main chorus riff was simply inspired by late-night jamming through a new amp that I was testing out for the first time. I just slid my hand down the neck and that was the first thing I played. From there it takes on a few twists and turns. I’ve always liked the way that big colorful chords sound when ringing out against interesting rhythmic patterns. I think I get a lot of that from players like Jake E. Lee, Michael Wilton, and Chris DeGarmo.”