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HYPERIA – Kanadische Thrasher streamen ‘Operation Midnight’ Clip

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Zwischen heftigem Old School Heavy und Thrash Metal bewegt sich ‘Operation Midnight’ von Kanadas HYPERIA. Mit der Videosingle gibt die Band mit Shouterin Marlee Ryley  für den 18. März die Veröffentlichung des zweiten Albums “Silhouettes of Horror” bekannt.

Die Band erzählt dazu:

“Operation Midnight was a song that we wanted to be fast, punchy, and hard-hitting the whole way through. It is accompanied by a music video filmed by City Zero Films that was shot a few hours northeast of Vancouver in a secluded foresty area. The song is a good song to set the pace of the album, lyrically and musically. The lyrics focus around nightmarish hallucinations and terrors and seeing black hooded figures at the side of your bed. It has melodic and heavy parts that showcase the diversity of our new album.”