You are currently viewing HOLY MOTHER – `Fire` Video zur „Rise“ Albumankündigung

HOLY MOTHER – `Fire` Video zur „Rise“ Albumankündigung

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Die US Ostküsten Heavy Metaller HOLY MOTHER nennen ihr siebtes Album „Rise“ und planen dessen Veröffentlichung für den 07. Juni. Als erste Single ist heute der hörenswerte Song `Fire` als Video online gegangen.

Sänger Mike Tirelli erzählt über den Track:

„This song is about a toxic love addiction that’s never ending and keeps haunting you forever.  

What inspired me to write this song was knowing people who just can’t get out of their relationship, and finally put an end to their misery. Also, at the very start of this song is the eeriness of my daughter Violet’s voice, who was only 14 years old at the time. Her voice really set the musical tone, and mood that inspired me to write that specific vocal melody; like a cry of agony and pain.“



„Rise“ Trackliste:

  1. Fire
  2. The Elevator
  3. Jeremiah
  4. Power
  5. Rise
  6. Down
  7. Interventionist
  8. Hex
  9. Live To Die
  10. Rain