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HM-Oper SIGNUM DRACONIS – ‚Firestorm‘ im Lyric Video

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Das Projekt SIGNUM DRACONIS veröffentlicht mit ‚Firestorm‘ eine weitere Auskopplung aus ihrer aufwändigen Heavy Metal Oper „The Divine Comedy: Inferno“ über das Werk von Dante Alighieri, welche am vergangenen Freitag erschienen ist.

Die Band erklärt den Track genauer:

„It is the theme that closes the first cd and includes three chants of the Inferno (XIV – XV – XVI), it is also the last theme with the guitar in the tuning of Eb and one of my favorites of the entire album since its composition was fast, funny and direct, practically every part of the song seemed to be running in the composition works as by inertia. It’s a song with a very classic Power Metal style and sound, where another of our guest stars Mr. Andrea Ranfa appears playing the role of ‘Brunetto Latini’.“