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HIRAES – `Dormant` Video zum Titeltrack

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Die anfängliche Ruhe hält nur wenige Augenblicke. Dann legt die Melodic Death Truppe, rund um Britta Görtz, ziemlich derbe los. Das vorhin veröffentlichte Video zu `Dormant` stellt den Titelsong des zweiten HIRAES Albums vor, da übermorgen (am 26. Januar) erscheint.

HIRAES schicken folgende Nachricht dazu:

„Today, before the release of our brand-new album ‘Dormant’ this Friday, we unveil to you, the title track. After an atmospheric intro, you are hit with a gigantic wall of sound of thundering guitars, shattering blast beats, and rousing vocals. Our third single is also one of the most varied songs on the album, and will hopefully shorten the next few days of waiting for the release date. Lyrically, the track guides you into the depth of the self, as it draws a picture of the soul’s core, the hidden place inside where time and space stand still. The atmospheric music video underlines the message even more and marks another cornerstone of Hiraes’ artistic variability.”



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