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HIGHLORD – Power Metaller mit `Soul Sucker´ Videosingle

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Die italienischen Power Metaller mit Progressive und Symphonic Einflüssen HIGHLORD haben gerade ihr neuntes Studioalbum „Freakin‘ Out Of Hell“ veröffentlicht und präsentieren ein Video zum Albumopener `Soul Sucker´.

Die Band über den Track:

„It welcomes the listener with a riff that is a punch in the face. It’s fast and raw, then it develops in a very catchy chorus, with a surprising breakdown before going into the next track. It also features some of the most aggressive vocal performances from Andrea Marchisio ever delivered. The guitar solo section slows down, with a dreamy fugue, before it gets fast and aggressive again until its conclusion. The lyrics deal with people that can almost drain us of our blood and souls, we’ve all met at least one in our lives.“