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HIDEOUS DIVINITY – `More than Many, Never One` vom neuen Album

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HIDEOUS DIVINITY stehen für derbe Death Metal Sounds, mit Struktur und Technik, wobei sie aber auch gnadenlos losdreschen können wie beim zuletzt vorgestellten Song `Against the Sovereignty of Mankind`.  Heute erscheint der Longplayer “ Unextinct“ und die die Italiener streamen den Track  `More than Many, Never One` ur Feier der Veröffentlichung.





“A thousand lieutenants before the month is out.

A thousand thousand by the start of the last winter.

None of them trapped by a name.”


“Legion”, the voice said!

Mighty enough to banish light

Call on tears!

On salty tears when strength and hope are lost

The Altar rail, so distant. Parables resound loud

For what’s lost and will never be, it’s time to cry


No, not again!

More than many, never one

Herd of pigs,

Five fingers mark of bastards


Schism of the blood, separated from God

Number Infinite is mocking Divine


He who calls himself with names of crime

Controls the herd of vile

Embodiment of the wind that whips mankind

The nothingness inside is mocking divine


Calling inside

No more hunger no more!

No more, thirst, no more!


Skeletal claws hold my hands on the wheel en route

Of seductive lies

My mind resounds with many names that I forgot my own one


Take your place among the living beings!

What he touched and what he tore screams now

In sealed chambers


Still never one, still with no name

“Legion”, the voice said!


More than Many, never One

Still with no name


Wind of Inferno is whipping the ship

But its cruel wrath knows the way

And soon there will be land, soon there will be blood

Those whom lust has fed will quench the empty space

Where my soul never was