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HELL THEATER – Horror Metaller teilen `Dressed In Black´ Single

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Die Horror Metal Band HELL THEATER stammt aus Venedig und bringt am 28. Oktober seinen Longplayer „S’Accabadora“ auf die digitalen Plattformen, der CD-Release soll im November 2022 folgen. Nun hat das Quartett ein Lyricvideo zu ihrer neuen Single `Dressed In Black´ veröffentlicht.

Die Band sagt über die neue Scheibe:

„It’s a concept album, a unique story in 11 tracks (chapters) lasting about 60 minutes. The story is based on a traditional Sardinian figure, the ‚female Accabadora‘ or ’she who ends,‘ who really existed in the past and perhaps still exists in very rural areas, to whom magical gifts were attributed, a sort of witch dressed in black. Her role was to put an end to the suffering of dying and terminally ill old people, out of pity, at the request of relatives, by striking a blow on the back of the head with a special ‚Mazzolu‘ hammer (see the cover of ‚A Strange Death‘). Sometimes, however, the relatives for her sake tricked the Accabadora, and then she unleashed her curses. This is the first time that a similar story has been told in a metal album.“