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HEILUNG – Neuer Track: `Asja`

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Die erfolgreiche Ritual-Folk Band HEILUNG stellt nach `Anoana´ jetzt die zweite Auskopplung ihres nächsten Longplayers “Drif“ vor `Asja`. Das Album erscheint am 19. August.

Die Band schickt folgende Message zur Single:

„This is a love song. Maria sings to the listener of love, recovery and prosperity, chasing away evil and welcoming love. The piece contains a quotation of some lines of “Hávamál”, combined with a selection of blessing words meant to provide help to the listener in a troubled time. Kai brought his vocal part of ‚Asja‘ back to us after a month of isolation, fasting and meditation in nature. Only the spirits know the full meaning, but we do know that the context is love, prosperity and protection. We are releasing „DRIF“ on Midgardsblot the 19th of August with an exclusive listening session and meet & greet in the viking longhouse for a limited amount of people, stay tuned for info about tickets <3

Love from Heilung“