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HECATE ENTHRONED – ’Plagued By Black Death’

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Die Black- (Death) Metalheads HECATE ENTHRONED veröffentlichen ein neues Lyric Video zur Wiederveröffentlichung vom 2013 veröffentlichten Album “Virulent Rapture“. Die Neuveröffentlichung hat neben einem neuen Artwork auch Liner Notes zu bieten.

Dylan: Virulent Rapture was our first release after a long studio hiatus, so it was a big album for us. We wanted to give our fans something meaty with depth and range, and the mix of heavy riffs and huge orchestration gave it a big and powerful sound to match the importance of the release. Now that it has a reissue through our current label M-Theory Audio with updated artwork and an incredible vinyl print, metalheads will finally have the chance to complete their Hecate collection. All we can say is enjoy, and play it at 11!”