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HATE – Death Unit enthüllt ‚Exiles of Pantheon‘ Video

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Das langgediente, polnische Death Metal Unit HATE veröffentlicht zum Track ‚Exiles of Pantheon‘ ein weiteres Video zum neuen, zwölften Studioalbum „Rugia“.

Vorher wurden bereits der Titeltrack und ‚Resurgence‚ ausgekoppelt.

Sänger und Gitarrist ATF Sinner über den Song:

„We’re extremely proud to present this picture for one of the most brutal and vicious tracks on Rugia. The song is about an old faith being reborn through an unholy, blood-soaked ritual. There are references to archaic beliefs on the island of Rugia – the last bastion of western Slavic paganism. Making this video was one hell of a challenge, because we were shooting throughout the night in extreme weather conditions. In the end, I think we got a picture that fits perfectly with the music. Watching it, you can almost feel freezing cold rain slashing at your face. I’ve no doubt our best video thus far.“

Und fügt hinzu:

„The fire is still burning! I’m proud that I have built a band with such strong energy, that’s lasted for a long time in spite of numerous line-up changes and obstacles in our way. We are still here, and we create with ever growing consciousness and dedication. The energy speaks through us. Honestly, I think of the band as something much bigger and more profound than the individual people involved in it over any given period of time. I believe we create a channel for energies that surpass us.“