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Hard Geek Metal – REPAID IN BLOODs ‚Reflective Duality‘

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Schwer vertrackter Groove Metal? Geht das? Irgendwie schon, das beweisen zumindest REPAID IN BLOOD, die geekig zwischen Growls, Groove, endlosen Breaks und melodiösen Gitarrenparts hin und her wechseln. Ihr unlängst erschienenes Album “Reflective Duality” findet ihr auf den Streaming-Plattformen und auf natürlich auf Bandcamp.

“We have always been a fun going band, writing about the things we love and care about, metal, comics, movies, all around geek stuff. Well this time around we also wrote about what we care about, this time it’s people! You, and everyone else, are created equal. This isn’t an album about hate, it’s about our love for our country and what it should stand for. This isn’t a political album, it’s about human rights. All humans are created equal, women, children and men. Metal IS Family. We should support each other, as well as everyone that needs help in our communities. If you have a problem with our views, kindly see yourself out of our socials. We thank you for your time.” 

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