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HAKEN – Präsentieren neue Video-Single `Taurus`

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Die Progessive Band HAKEN hat vor kurzem ihr siebtes Studioalbum “Fauna“  für den 03 März angekündigt. Heute veröffentlicht die Band die neueste Auskopplung `Taurus` als Video

Ross Jennings:
“With such a diverse and eclectic array of material on ‘Fauna’, it was important for us to include a piece of music that represented the metallic edge of our sound which was exploited predominantly on ‘Vector’ & ‘Virus’, with our focus being on hard hitting riffs in odd time signatures.

The song’s lyrics were written roughly at the same time we all started hearing about the devastation and crisis happening in Ukraine. I was already writing the piece based on the annual migration of the wildebeests with strong references to people travelling in herds and strength in numbers. Suddenly I realised I had an anchor for what the song could be about and knowing this gives it all the more emotional weight; We’re all on some sort of journey towards salvation or enlightenment. Sometimes out of choice or not, we need to leave the past behind us and make new beginnings. We only have each other, and belief and hope are our strongest allies.”




We’ll be a million faces

A generation lost

A path of self destruction

The Taurus runs amok


Trading greener pastures

For silver-tinted suns

This threat bestowed upon us

Will only strengthen us


Don’t look back

A new life’s waiting

All not saved will be lost


You’ll see a million faces

Fleeing the motherland in droves

Who knows if we will make it?

To that place we’ll someday call home


The straw won’t break the camel’s back

When our backs are up against the wall

Under the cover of your darkness

And so our plight endeavors on


Don’t look back

A new life’s waiting

All not saved will be lost

If it’s a nowhere road

We’ll find salvation

Somewhere in Avalon


On the journey with no distance

To a place that we never left

And the suffering is how we overcome


And we question everything we know

In searching for Avalon

Our ambition is how we learn to fail


Don’t look back

A new life’s waiting (Cleansing the slate or running from your past)

All not saved is lost (All not saved is lost)

Don’t slow down on this nowhere road (New life awaits when you reach Avalon)

Where we all belong