You are currently viewing GWENDYDD – Extreme Metaller offenbaren `Rape` Video

GWENDYDD – Extreme Metaller offenbaren `Rape` Video

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Victoria Stoichkova´s Stern ging auf der bulgarischen „The Voice“-Bühne auf, wo sie einen Tylor Swift Hit mit ihren Growls zerlegte und sowohl TV- als auch Internetgemeinde begeisterte. Am 06. Mai erscheint der Zweitling „Censored“ ihrer Extreme Metal Band GWENDYDD, deren Frontfrau sie seit 2018 ist. Das brandneue Video zum Track `Rape` gibt es als Vorgeschmack.

Sängerin Vicky über das neue Album:

Our upcoming album CENSORED is going to be even more brutal and energetic than our debut album Human Nature. We are happy. We are proud. And we can’t wait to share CENSORED with the world!“


Photo Credits: Orlin Nikolov


Blinded by your twisted desires

To see their eyes expand

Foresee their bitter end

They know they can’t escape

Their scars will heal in vain

All that’s left will be the shape

Of a body once molested and slain

Longing for a pleasant release

So you shut their screaming out

And cut their mouth… go south

You think we all agree

You’re the victim here not me

You are the plague no one can save

All because you never got the closure you craved


You deserve to bleed

You worthless piece of meat

Bound to your rotten seed

Rape Rape Rape Rape

You insignificant waste of life

Has someone maybe hurt your pride

Didn’t mommy love you enough

Or maybe daddy tried to make you too rough

You hopeless rotten swine

You deserve to be grinded and buried alive

Why do you need to do this

How is that okay in your mind

Tear me open

Break my soul

Watch the blood dripping down

My body helpless on the ground

Begging just to stay alive

I’m begging you… spare me