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GUNS N‘ ROSES Keyboarder DIZZY REED – Solotrack `D.I.B.` kündigt Album an

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Darren Arthur, alias DIZZY REED, seit Anfang der 1990er Keyboarder von GUNS N‘ ROSES, stellt seine Solosingle `D.I.B.` als Lyricclip vor. Ebenfalls an Bord ist der US Songwriter und Sänger Spencer Krasch. Ende August soll ein komplettes DIZZY REED Album folgen.

Auf Facebook schreibt er:

„I’m excited for all of you to hear the new material. Save it, turn it up loud. Loud is always better“





Now you just don’t get it

Your scathing accusations

Spreads the damage far and wide

You’ve come to expect it

You choke down the attention

Then regurgitate the lies

You tore their future

Right out their hands

You plagiarized the system again

You’re not wrapped tight

With those jive-ass interpretations

Let me tell you something

Give somebody else a chance

Who’s scars are genuine

Truly broken hearted

Are you too self absorbed

To understand?

That you crossed the line

Played a card you never had

No you never had the right

Think of all the suffering people

With nothing

Who never had a choice

While you exploit

Whats been put in place

For their sake, their bravery

So that they’d have a voice.

Have you ever stopped to think

This lifestyle that you’re living

While you show off your conceit

And deny all you’ve been given

That your undue demands

For the purpose of attention

Could obliterate the lives of people

More deserving than you?

Now You just don’t get it

You committed a crime

The social standing

High on your mind

You’re not wrapped tight

Now you stand- drenched in self opinion

Let me tell you this:

Give somebody else a chance

Truly qualified

Worthy and whole hearted

Are you too self absorbed

To understand?

That you helped yourself

To a chance that by design

Was meant for someone else

Think of all the hard working people

That will suffer

When they’re pushed out of that line

With no remorse

You trashed their lives

Their chance to leave their mark

They’d prayed so hard to find

Now you want us to believe

You did this for your children

That anybody would

Now who the f*** you kidding?

Arrogance, envy and

greed-all ego-driven

So of course your gonna claim

They’re making an example of you

You’re addicted to the fast track

Getting high off your own self-esteem

You’ve abandoned all compassion

And convoluted disdain of morality

Think of all the hard working

People with nothing

who never had a choice

Give them a chance

the difference that you make

Give them a chance


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