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GUILLOTINE A.D. – Southern Death im `Exile´ Visualizer

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Die Southern Death Metal Band GUILLOTINE A.D., welche in ihrem Stilmix die Sounds von Old-School Florida Death Metal, Scandinavian Black Metal und New Orleans Sludge unterbringt, präsentiert ein Lyricvideo zum Track “Exile”, der neuesten Single vom für den 24. Juni geplanten Zweitling „Born To Fall“.

Bassist/Sänger Adam Miller erläutert:

“Musically, ‘Exile’ is a good example of what can be expected from our new album. It has elements of death, doom, and black metal, with a little hook to bring it all together. This song highlights our versatility – we can go fast and we can go slow. Lyrically, the song tells of a deposed ruler whose people still need his leadership and protection, even though he abused his authority. It’s a metaphor for the complex and sometimes contradictory emotions that define our relationships with each other and ourselves. Raf Ortega once again made an excellent lyric video that visually suits the song and features the amazing cover art painted by Eliran Kantor. Eliran blew our minds with his creation, which is a perfect interpretation of lyrical themes of the album as a whole. It’s meant to be played at crushing volume, so crank those decibels up!”