You are currently viewing GRYMHEART – `Ignis Fatuus` Videopremiere der Power-Folk Metaller

GRYMHEART – `Ignis Fatuus` Videopremiere der Power-Folk Metaller

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Die noch neue ungarische Band GRYMHEART mischt ihren Metal hauptsächlich aus Power und Folk Metal, angereichert mit Symphonic Anteilen und Black-Death Vocals. Dass diese wilde Mischung funktionieren kann, zeigt das Quartett heute mit der neuen  Vorabauskopplung `Ignis Fatuus`. Der Song gehört zum Longplayer “Hellish Hunt“ , der am 22. September erscheint.





In the swamp where there is no life

Rotten foul smell pervades the land

Just the lonley souls of the dead

They live here so close to the end


Tiny light appears in the fog

It’s bright like a star in the sky

Calls my mind to follow this glow

It charms me and I don’t know why


Ignis Fatuus is the guiding light leads the stray men across the night

Eerie haze and the mystery which rule the place hereabout

Ignis Fatuus is the only hope in this swampy and dark dead-fall

You must follow this magic light to find the arcane way out


In this swamp with this shiny thing

Maybe everything is unreal

I should be more careful in here

Never know what is its true will


Photo Credit: Krisztina Máté