You are currently viewing GROZA –vereinen Black Metal und Goth im ‘Elegance of Irony’ Video

GROZA –vereinen Black Metal und Goth im ‘Elegance of Irony’ Video

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BLACK METAL aus Bayern, der eingängig ist und auch nicht schwarz veranlagte Metaller. mit seinem Gothic-Riffing Unterbau interessieren könnte. Klingt interessant, ist es auch. Wer nicht bis zum Veröffentlichungstermin des neuen Albums „The Redemptive End“ 06. August warten will, kann sich jetzt das sehr professionell gedrehte Video zu ‘Elegance of Irony’ anschauen.




Come forth! Gleam in the east

Dusk of a new day

Appear and enlighten

Uncover every blemish


As rats chew on the cadaver of aeons

As monuments wither beyond recognition

Under the march of modern slavery

Ground to dust, scattered in the winds


The elegance of irony

A sight to behold

Hopefully, it enlightens other worlds


Between light and dark

Between recognition and obscurity

Between oblivion and repression

Certainty is lurking, waiting

No hymns of praise will sound

The yoke of silence will fall

No light will come from the sun

Bones to ashes, souls to dust


Bring forth a son, his name be war

His body be steel, his words falling bombs

Bring forth a daughter, her name be famine

Her gaze be drought, her touch spoiled harvest

Bring forth a bastard, his name be pestilence

His breath be plague, his semen be poison

Bring forth the last child

His name be carved in tombstones

And his will be done