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GRIMNER – Viking Metaller schicken `Hämtad av Valkyrior`

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”Urfader” soll das neue Album der Wikingerfans GRIMNER heißen. Darauf mixen sie Einflüsse von Power Metal, Folk, Klargesang und Growls. Einen Eindruck verschafft euch nach  dem Video zu `Västerled´ jetzt die neue Auskopplung `Hämtad av Valkyrior`.

GRIMNER erklären zur neuen Single:

„Those who fall in battle shall hear the sound of wings approaching, and after they have drawn their last breath, be resurrected and taken to halls of gold. The Allfather welcomes them to join the ranks of the Enhärjar, and to fight in the final war of the world. „This single is probably as close to power metal as we will get, but make no mistake, this is Grimner through and through. We felt that the tone of this song perfectly conveys the feelings that the ancient warriors may have hoped for as they soared with the valkyries toward the giant gates of Valhall.“