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GRAND – Melodic Rocker teilen `Kryptonite` Video

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Die schwedischen AOR Melodic Rocker GARND haben Freitag ihr neues Album “Second To None“ herausgebracht. Passend dazu ist ein Musikvideo zum Duett `Kryptonite` herausgebracht. Die Gesangspartnerin ist Nina Söderquist.



We were young, two restless kids Who met at seventeen

We fell in love, we made a vow

To stay together through thick and thin


We drove around in my Thunderbird You were my own little Juliette

And made a mix tape with all of our songs On a tired and old cassette


I know it!s long ago

Since we went our separate ways But when I close my eyes

I still see your pretty face


You!re still my Kryptonite

I would surrender if you!d call out my name Still my kryptonite

No matter what I do it!s always the same

Like most of teenage loves Our story came to an end

Moved out of town, years went by Now you have your life and I have mine


But in a box in my bedside drawer Lies an old worn familiar tape

When no ones’a watching I take it out and you!re there when I press play

I know its long ago

But I can!t get you off my mind It!s been so many years

But I never said goodbye


Cause no matter how I try I can!t deny

Your’re still my kryptonite